Vibrant colours of Spring

I love Spring! The brilliant colours of nature, so lush and full and bursting with life. The glorious hues of red and green as the trees erupt with new life. After the stark almost brittle bareness of Winter, the explosion of colours are like an Artists palette, full of rich streaks of gorgeous, breath-taking strokes that paint the world so wonderfully.

Today, I took a moment to pull off to the side of the road and capture some of the Spring beauty that was displayed in the little valley near my house. I had driven past this little tree every day for the last few weeks and it just seemed to grow more colourful everyday. I kept looking at it, thinking how beautiful it was and how amazing our Creator is to make such rich, lush, vibrant colours in nature. Today, I couldn’t help myself, I had to capture it. So, in spite of the crazy ute-driver that was speeding along on my tail, I made a quick decision to indicate and duck off to the side. Hitting the loose gravel with my brakes on at a reducing speed coming down from 80km’s is probably not the smartest thing when you have children in the car and you value their safety, but we did it and we came to a swerving stop with a sign of relief.

Now, a photographer, I am not, but I didn’t think I could get it too wrong with the beauty that was displayed before me. I took a few minutes to snap a few shots and this is the result, The kids thought it was definitely worth the stop. That tree will soon start to change colour again and it may wilt, or it may grow as we head into Summer. Who knows what’s in store for this wonderful little tree? What I do know is that today, that little tree shone. In all its brilliant shades of red, it was beautiful and it helped me and my children to remember to stop and take in these moments. To appreciate the beauty around us. To acknowledge our Creator. To stop and enjoy what is so easy to take for granted. Spring-time! Such a beautiful season. Thank you God!

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It says on my Twitter profile “God-lover, Wife, Mother, Business Women, Blogger and soon-to-be-Author. Passionate to see Women become ALL God has called them to be!” and well, that pretty much sums me up!

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